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Add a "Touch of Magic" to your Wedding Day

John Southgate is able to add that special touch to your wedding celebration. He is able to offer the very popular “Close-Up Magic?

"It all happens before your very eyes"

He can present his magic either as your guests assemble or during the wedding breakfast.

Alternatively he and his charming wife Sylvia can present their skilful and humorous Cabaret Act for your guests during your celebrations.
If you have children attending, you might like John to entertain them, assisted by his famous rabbit “Harry,?so that your adult guests can listen to the speeches unhindered!

John would be delighted to assist in making your Wedding Day very Special.

Some people today have become "dis-illusioned" with magic. They suspect television of taking advantage of camera tricks. That’s where John Southgate’s live performance brings a totally new appreciation for this ancient art. The wonder in a child’s eyes, the hilarity of a surprising moment of discovery, the mystique of seeing "miracles" happen under your very eyes all these things take place during John Southgate’s unforgettable performances.

One of the few magicians who actually produces a live rabbit from a hat "not some glitzy box" John Southgate is as big a hit with school children at a birthday party as he was entertaining at their parents?wedding, or table-hopping at a restaurant or formal event. His “History of Mystery?lecture is popular with groups across the country.

Whether it is close-up magic that happens in their hands or a fast-paced cabaret show, spectators do not forget John Southgate.

John was admitted to the exclusive Inner Magic Circle in the 1960s.